Addition By Subtraction


Addition by subtraction may seem an odd approach to eternity, but there is a parallel to it in our world when you consider Olympic athletes. As the competition for a gold medal in the Olympics increasingly comes down to the millisecond, Olympic athletes are looking for the competitive edge which will propel them to the finish line—and they are increasingly finding that that edge is sleep. As gold medalist Apolo Ohno puts it, “You can only train as hard as you can recover” (“How Much Sleep Do Olympic Athletes Need?,” HuffPost, November 15, 2018, coach-talks-about-the-importance-of-rest-and-recovery n5a7895ffe4b01fe513a61e38). To cultivate an eternal perspective of  life on this side of heaven, the best thing you can do is intentionally set aside time every week to rest and reflect on the work God has done on your behalf.