An Example of Faith

“So Abram went, as the LORD had told him” ( Genesis 12:4). This is the demonstration of faith that the author of Hebrews, as well as Paul in Romans 4, celebrate when they speak of the faith of Abram and his obedience to God. And it is easy to read over it and miss it. Yet imagine you had a dog that you called to come to you. But instead of coming when called, the dog lay down. You’d say that was a bad dog. If you told your child to pick up her toys, but she said no and sat down, that would be a disobedient child. If you instructed an employee to call a client, but he said no and never called them, that would be a bad employee. The point is, we notice when someone does the wrong thing, but do we notice when someone does the obedient thing? Abram’s demonstration of obedient faith here is something believers should both celebrate and emulate. He is an example of faith for us to imitate.