In the Bible, we read about how the Israelites were to love God wholeheartedly, in order to know him intimately, which we see is the desire of God throughout the Pentateuch. He establishes a command (vv. 4–5) rooted in his own identity and the mutual relationship between himself and his people. God desired that his law remain close to his people, whether in the mind or in the hands and actions of his people in order to remain grateful (vv. 6–9). In the movie The Man Who Invented Christmas, Charles Dickens is facing financial hardship after the failure of his latest three books following Oliver Twist. At a certain point in the film, Dickens becomes so obsessed with the new book he’s writing that he begins to become consumed by the story. The papers he writes on are all over his office and home, he constantly talks about the story with his family, he falls asleep thinking about the story, and he wakes up with it on his mind. Do you have anything in your life that you love, that consumes you like this? This is what God had in mind for the Israelites. To become so consumed in his love, that they could not stop talking about his statutes and continually woke up with them on their minds. This comes only from a passion for God and a love that is consistent. What things in your life consume your everyday conversations?