Denied Knowing

Has anyone ever denied knowing you, maybe in a friendship or work relationship? Maybe someone said they would be loyal to you, and they weren’t. It can hurt! In the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray embarrasses his wife, Debra, at a potluck when she is running for president of the PTA. Ray’s faux pas was that he started to eat before everyone else. The crowd began to stare at him, so he stuffed his pockets with the sandwich he’d just made. Debra was embarrassed and denied knowing Ray to another parent. Later that night, Ray learns of this. While he was acting like a “goofball,” he explains, “I don’t care what I was doing. You denied knowing me at the potluck?” (season 6, episode 20, “A Vote for Debra,” aired March 25, 2002, on CBS).