Dry Sponges

As a visual illustration, consider having a table with three large, dry sponges and three large pitchers of water. Two of the pitchers should have food dye in them, so they are a different color. Say, “Children are like dry sponges. They cannot control what is poured into them, and they cannot control what they absorb. Every day, through music, through social media, through television and movies, through friends at school, the world is pouring what it believes into them, and they are soaking it up.” At this point, you could pour a pitcher with colored water onto one and say, “This is what they absorb from social media.” Then pour another pitcher onto a sponge and say something like, “This is what they absorb from their friends. As parents, we have a duty to raise our children in the instruction of the Lord. So the question is are you going to let the world pour into them what they should believe, or will you give them the life-giving water of Christ?” At this point, pour the clear water onto the third sponge.