Fruit Trees

James refers to different types of trees or plants producing fruit different from that which it was designed to bear. He implies that it is impossible (v. 12). Modern-day science might lead us to believe otherwise, yet wes should listen closely as we hear about it. Sam Van Aken has developed an invention called the Tree of 40 Fruit. It is literally capable of producing forty different varieties of fruit (Randy Rieland, “A Tree Grows 40 Different Types of Fruit,Smithsonian Magazine, January 14, 2015, Does this prove James incorrect? No. Van Aken’s tree produces many different types of the same fruit, such as many different apples, or many different stone fruits (peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines). But one single tree cannot produce both an apple and an orange. Van Aken’s trees work because the vascular system of the graft connects with the vascular system of the root stock (the part of the tree he has grafted to). Each graft acts as a tiny tree all by itself. This great image reminds us that no matter how far we push ourselves to use our mouth for both good and bad, it’s incongruous if two kinds of water—or fruit—attempt to coexist in the same space. James’s wisdom remains true.