Man Dies on Mount Everest After Being Frozen In Place

In 2006, an English climber by the name of David Sharp stopped to rest during a climb up Mount Everest. Before long, his body froze in place. Though Sharp was still alive, he sat unable to move as over 40 climbers passed him by—they believed he was the body of a man who died ten years earlier on the mountain. When some of the climbers heard Sharp quietly moaning, they raced to render him aid. Their assistance was, however, too late. Sharp soon died.

There have been stories told of individuals passing dying men or women on the street because they didn’t want to deal with the inconvenience of their injury. The story of David Sharp, however, offers a unique perspective on this tale. The hikers who passed him by did so because they didn’t realize he needed help. It was only those who stopped to listen to his faint moaning that realized something was amiss. (Article source:

In our lives, we must listen closely to those who are hurting around us. Often, the lost won’t come to us begging for the love of Christ. Instead, we must seek them out, actively looking for ways to share our faith. It’s often the quiet cries that we miss in the busyness of our everyday lives.