Timing Is Everything

Everything is about timing. While some keep going and try to make the most of a situation as they go, others will wait until just the right time and then move because they know it’s better to plan and then move than it is to plan while you move. Consider these things: “An oak tree takes 40 years to mature. Food prepared in the kitchen and cooked in the conventional oven is a lot better than microwave dinners. It takes 5 to 20 years for a salt water pearl to form. The longer the years; the bigger the pearl. … You can build a barn in a day. It takes months to build a beautiful home. [Ferraris] are a handmade workmanship by tradesmen. They are not made by a robotic assembly line like the common Ford, Chevy or Toyota that is built in a day. [Ferraris] require 3 weeks to be hand built. A common car on average can be purchased around $20,000 to $40,000. The fabulous Ferrari can be purchased for $192,000” (David Shannon Wooten, “Timing is Everything—Wait for the Right Time” [blog], March 20, 2017, https://davidshannonwooten.com/timing-is-everything-waitfor-the-right-time/#sthash.V6bcFDjI.dpbs).