Walk The Line

Walk The Line Sermon Illustration

Pastor Juan Carlos Ortiz illustrates working for God while trusting in grace through the imagery of a trapeze artist who trusts in the nets below her. Of course the presence of the net does not stop her from working with strength and beauty—she works with even more skill because the net is there. Ortiz says, “In Christ … the whole world should be able to watch and say, ‘Look how they live, how they love one another. Look how well the husbands treat their wives. And aren’t they the best workers in the factories and offices, the best neighbors, the best students?’” When we fail and fall, the net is there; we get back up and start doing our best work for Christ once more (Marshall Shelley, “To Illustrate…,” Leadership Journal, Fall 1984, https://www.christianitytoday.com/pastors/1984/fall/84l4046.html?share=bRB1n9 L5Y52mHQfjuz3Sk7uJxsX0wzLm).