Remember To Remember

For her sixth birthday, a little girl was going to get her ears pierced. But on the day of the piercing, nothing was going right. And so instead of being excited, she was growing increasingly sad. Her mom noticed this and said to her, “Hey! What’s about to happen? And who are you going to be with? And what are you guys going to do after you get your ears pierced? Are you going out to dinner?” As the little girl started to answer the questions, she started to smile and, soon, gone was the sorrow. Do you want to be a grateful person? Then remember to remember. We are called on to remember God’s grace to us—and not just the grace on the cross but the everyday grace. The air in our lungs when we wake up. The roof that isn’t leaking. The furnace that is working. The feel of the warm sun after a storm. The flowers in bloom. Remember to remember God’s grace, and you will find yourself becoming a grateful person.