A Father’s Care

The Homecoming is a movie that tells the story of family living during the Great Depression in Appalachia. The movie focuses on Christmas Eve, as the large family is anxiously awaiting the return of their father, who works in a town far away. He shows up late that night with a large sack of wrapped presents which he tells them came from Santa. All the children get exactly what they wanted for Christmas: from a harmonica to a train set to a toy doll—all at the height of the Great Depression. For them, it felt like a miracle, as if Santa really had given them those presents. But what they didn’t know was that their loving father took care of them. Today’s message on contentment will look at how your heavenly Father takes care of you and provides you with whatever you need, even during times of great economic uncertainty (directed by Fielder Cook [Viacom/CBS, 1971]).