A New Creation In Christ


T. B. was homeless after his struggle with alcohol led him to lose multiple jobs and destroy his relationships. But when a believer of Jesus began to befriend T, he professed salvation in Jesus a few weeks later. However, T’s addiction to alcohol still had a hold on his life—leading him periodically back to drugs and homelessness. Eventually, T agreed to attend Durham Rescue Mission where, over time, God convicted him of his sin and he grew in a more intimate knowledge of his Savior. Since then, T has been baptized—publicly declaring he is a new creation in Christ—and received a scholarship to attend a Bible College (“The Goodness of God Leadeth Thee to Repentance—A True Story,” Joyful Abundant Life [blog], accessed December 30, 2022, https://www.joyfulabundantlife.com/the-goodness-of-god-leadeth-thee-to-repentance-a-true-story/).