A Realistic View

The 2016 animated film Zootopia (directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush [Walt Disney Pictures, 2016]) describes the adventures of Judy Hopps, an optimistic and hardworking bunny who becomes a police officer in the fictional animal kingdom. Rabbits weren’t supposed to be cops, but Judy Hopps believes in herself and has a naive assumption that in Zootopia, anyone can be anything. Judy’s friendly antagonist is her partner, Nick Wilde, the fox. The cynical Nick wants to destroy Judy’s naivete, cynically saying, “Everyone comes to Zootopia thinking they can be anything they want. Well, you can’t. You can only be what you are. Sly fox. Dumb bunny.” The movie ends with the optimistic Judy having a more realistic view of the struggles of Zootopia, and the cynical Nick finding a friend and lightening up from meeting Judy.