A United Church

In an article for The Reformed African American Network, Dr. Jarvis Williams explains that unity in the church must be centered around Christ. He writes, “Often, Christians wonder why certain people refuse to trust in Jesus by faith. There are all sorts of complicated answers to that question. But one answer is because of the disunity within the church. To clarify, disunity in the church does not excuse unbelievers from God’s judgment if they refuse to follow Jesus. However, disunity in the church is a reason that some people are pushed away from the Christian faith. When churches fight, bicker, and divide, they provide no incentives for unbelievers to come to faith in Jesus.”

Among other implications, a united front based on the gospel is essential if churches want to effectively witness to a watching world. We must be conscious to be above reproach before unbelievers that they may have no obstacles to come to faith.



Source: https://www.raanetwork.org/jesus-prayed-for-the-unity/