A Wise Investment

Acting upon the wisdom we are taught and doing so while we are young are two important keys to living a good life. Making wise choices is a lot like saving and spending. The choices we make with our money today will impact us years from now. For example, buying an $8 meal at a fast food restaurant does not seem like an event that will greatly impact your future, but if you buy one meal every day and twice on weekend days, by the end of the week that comes to $72. In one year that is $3,744. That is money you may need one day to fix your car. If you can manage to keep saving that for five years, you will have $18,720. That could buy a car that may not break down as often. Spending a little here and a little there never feels like waste. Saving a little here and a little there rarely feels like progress, but if we are able to start making wise choices in our youth we will see their impact as they compound and grow into things that last for the rest of our lives.