All-Seeing God

Remember when your mom or your teacher would tell you that they had eyes on the back of their heads? Now as the parent, you know that they never did have eyes on the back of their heads. They just had enough life experience to predict something. God, however, does have an all-seeing eye. The prophet Ezekiel captures this attribute of God perfectly. In an unusual vision, Ezekiel sees a supernatural chariot (Ezekiel 1:15–25). The prophet is doing his best to explain what he’s seeing with his limited understanding and human language. He sees a wheel within a wheel on this chariot. This depicts the great omnipresence (God is everywhere present, and there is no limit to his where he can be) of our God. There are two wheels that are set perpendicular to each other. The picture is that you can go any direction you please without effort or turning. Imagine having these kinds of wheels on your car! Then Ezekiel describes eyes that are all around. This is Ezekiel trying to describe God’s all-seeing, all-intelligent eye. Nothing can be hidden from God, and nothing can escape him. This can be an encouragement, or it can be dreadful—depending on where you are in life. Why bring this up? Because God sees everything we do, even when we’re doing it in the dark or in secret.