An Act of Worship

In May 2016, Chance the Rapper, a hip hop artist from Chicago, released the album Coloring Book. It contained a unique exploration of his newfound Christian faith while not completely free from mainstream hip hop. In his review of the album, Faf Driscoll writes, “Coloring Book is as much an act of worship as my private journals are: an unharnessed insight into a young man’s heart who, knowing the joy of being in Christ as well as His call to wisdom, is learning to fight the darkness both around and inside him. Throughout the mix tape, we witness the experiences of a Gen Y young adult fighting sin, opening his lips in praise, penning worship tracks, and reflecting on worldly trappings – all the while doing so amidst a culture that is hostile to the true gospel.”

Chance, like any new believer, is gripped by how great his sin is in the face of a holy and righteous God. He acknowledges his disobedience in his songs while also reveling in God’s grace to him in Christ.