Authority Of Christ


Imagine showing up to a business to pick up something you left there—your credit card or glasses, for instance. However, someone you don’t know is waiting for you at the door. They tell you not to go in but instead to go away, right away, even though it is normal business hours. What would you do? Now imagine that same scenario, but parked out front is a SWAT vehicle, and the person at the door is in uniform. Now when they tell you what to do, you immediately listen! They have the authority! Or maybe you notice a spot on your shoulder that you’ve thought nothing of. Your friends or spouse said it was nothing to worry about. However, your dermatologist says you should get it removed right away. Who do you listen to? The dermatologist, who speaks with authority, of course! We heed the advice of those who know more than we do. This is why we trust in a risen, sovereign Savior who has defeated death and reigns above all. There is no greater authority than Christ. He is no longer emptied and humbled (Philippians 2:5–7), as an earthly Savior; he is exalted and wholly in his power again! He speaks, we listen. He commands, we respond.