Bad Impersonation

Have you ever seen a bad impersonation of someone? Maybe someone tried to sound like a celebrity or even tried to imitate you—and it was pretty cringey. In the animated movie The Incredibles (2004), there is a flashback scene in which Billy tries to act like his superhero Mr. Incredible, but it’s always at the wrong time, or he gets in the way of what superheroes are trying to do. The result ends up creating the major conflict driving the story. Grown-up Billy still wants to be a hero, but he goes about it in a way that causes pain and destruction for everyone around him, especially his former idol, Mr. Incredible. As believers, we are called to be like Jesus, especially when it comes to conflict. The question is, are we bringing a workable solution to a real problem that needs solving, or are we creating a bigger problem because of a perceived slight, out of a desire to be important, or because we’ve seen or experienced something that just makes us angry.