Behind The Music

Behind The Music Sermon Illustration

Jon Foreman is a singer–songwriter best known for his work with the band Switchfoot. On a series of solo albums entitled Seasons, Foreman penned a song entitled “Learning How to Die.” When questioned about the somber tones of the song and others from the album in an interview with Cross Rhythms, Foreman explains his reasoning behind the song: “It talks about all of this. I used to think that life was kind of accumulating, that you were continually learning more, growing more, understanding more. Then I had a few events in my life that made me realise that life is actually about surrender and losing, in fact maybe giving yourself away. So maybe ‘Winter’ is the most honest season. So I don’t think it’s a depressing thought but it certainly is a sobering thought to think that this life that we’ve been given actually has a purpose of surrender rather than conquest’” (Mike Rimmer and Tony Cummins, “Jon Foreman: The Switchfoot Man Talks about Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer,” Cross Rhythms, July 2, 2008,