Bending to God’s Will

person welding a silver metal

Metalworkers understand the concept of molding or shaping metal to conform to
a desired shape. After melting the metal to a liquid form, it is poured into
expendable or non-expendable molds. As the liquid metal cools, it takes the
shape of the mold, yielding its original shape to become the shape of the mold.
“The basic metal casting process involved creating a pattern and a mold, then
pouring molten metal into the mold. You will then extract the solid metal casting
and finish your piece. This process is customizable for different types of metal
casting, along with shapes, sizes, and more” (Kristin, Arzt, “Beginners Guide to
Metal Casting,” Guides to Industrial Art, The Crucible, accessed March 13, 2023, When we bend
to God’s will, it can sometimes feel painful, but we become to shape of God.