Build-A-Faith Sermon Illustration

Have you ever had been to a Build-A-Bear store? At these attractions throughout the United States, you can customize a teddy bear or other stuffed animal to your liking:

Sometimes we try to customize Jesus and the Christian faith the same way. We try to make the Jesus of Christianity look more like our image, rather than making us look like his. One of the greatest strengths of true Christianity is that it is not relegated to a single geographical culture or group of people. It does not have a main political ideology or militaristic aim. Christianity meets people where they are and can adjust to various cultural norms. However, one struggle with this is that Christianity can become hijacked by the culture of certain society and the personalities of that world. Christianity can become militaristic, politicized, legalistic, and worldly. When that happens, the practices of this Christianity do not reflect the central figure of Jesus.