Child’s Play

Children have the uncanny ability to express the most sincere and basic reactions to what we might perceive as an insincere and complicated world.

There is unlikely to be a more accurate portrayal of the nonchalance of a child than the BBC interview gone wrong in 2017 ( viral clip shows professor and father Robert Kelly being interviewed live from his home office. His daughter and baby come bursting through the door, with their mother following quickly behind them attempting to scoop them up and salvage the situation. The parents show incredible restraint in a tense and awkward situation. Children have a way of humbling a person with their bluntness and overflowing joy. Even in this video, we see the father crack a knowing smile. Kids are fantastically unpredictable. Spend some time remembering and meditating on any personal experience that showcase the different ways that children bring value and joy to you and society at large.