Christ, The Focal Point


In the world of image making (paintings, photography, etc.), focal points are necessary for successfully communicating the desire of the artist or photographer. “A point of focus, or focal point, is defined as the center of interest or activity. Don’t take the word center literally, though, as a focal point does not have to be perfectly centered in your frame. In fact, you are encouraged to have it anywhere else for a better composed photographed. Think of the focal point as the one object in your scene which makes up the majority of what the photograph is about. It’s something which is in focus even if everything else is not. It’s something that people will remember before forgetting the rest” (Scott Wyden Kivowitz, “Why You Must Have a Focal Point in Your Images,” Digital Photo Mentor, November 8, 2016, (You will need to copy and paste the link in your browser.) Mark’s Gospel focuses the reader on Christ as the Suffering Servant and brings hope to all who live godly and suffer as well. With Christ as the focal point in a believer’s “big picture,” they can successfully endure all that comes against them.