Church DNA

a close up of a double strand of gold glitter

DNA is the code of life. Your DNA defines (physically) who you are. It not only defines who you are but also tells where you are from (your lineage). Your DNA decides your eye color, gender, skin color, physical capabilities, and ethnicity. DNA tells us who the killer is in a CSI episode. DNA is the center of the physical aspect of being human. Being is important. In our fast-paced world, where we are constantly doing, it is important to remember that we are human beings before we ever do anything. Who we are precedes what we do.

For a community, the DNA is represented in the culture that develops. You can have all the catchy slogans and positive billboards posted on the walls, but your culture is what people actually know. Your DNA and culture reflect your ethics and values that you live, not just talk about. As Christians, we have values that become a part of our life. Some of these virtues include kindness, honesty, trust, hope, charity, and compassion (Carrie Lowrance, “10 Christian Virtues We Need to Revive,” Crosswalk, October 18, 2016,