Confession Brings Relationship

Confession Brings Relationship Sermon Illustration

The movie The Kissing Booth 2 (Netflix) shows us how easily a relationship can unravel when we are not honest with our partners. Small insecurities, mistakes, and wrongs gone unconfessed create brokenness and hurt that needs to be dealt with. When Noah and Elle confess the truth behind their actions over the last several months of their relationship, the relationship can work toward restoration. Our relationship with God also requires honest confession. Confession is the path toward bringing our relationship with the Lord into a right place again. When we come to God in confession, we are not simply speaking our mistakes into the air; we are confessing to the only one who can free us. Yes, there are earthly consequences for evil actions. Hopefully we will all steer clear of murder, assault, thievery, and major crimes, but all our sins have the capacity to figuratively imprison us and those around us. God is the only one who can free us from the burden of our sin, no matter how big or small others might perceive it to be. Confession does not show weakness in our resolve to be better humans; it means we lean into the only one who can transform us so our internal thoughts match our outward behavior.