Conscience And Intuition


Has someone ever told you to “listen to your conscience” or “follow your intuition”? Perhaps you considered going somewhere, but you had a bad vibe about things and opted not to. Maybe you felt guilty after a snarky response to a friend, and after rewinding the moment in your head, you felt like you should apologize. Conscience and intuition are part of our makeup, our psyche. They impact how we think and act. Daniel Kahneman’s work on understanding the two systems of the brain and how they impact our decisions is succinctly illustrated in this video: It can help us understand how to slow down to work through gray matters or matters of conscience. Paul often refers to the conscience in his writings (Acts 23:1; 24:16; 1 Corinthians 4:4). Walking in the Spirit informs our conscience (Romans 9:1) and hones our intuition. If we slow down and practice both studying Scripture and listening for the Spirit, we will likely see more consistent behavior that lives in step with God. We won’t always have all the answers, but we can be thinking people who deliberately slow down to think and learn from one another.