Control Freak

In the TV series Silo (created by Graham Yost, AMC Studios, 2023), people live in a large underground silo, adhering to strict regulations that they think protect them from the toxic surface of the planet. Juliette, the main character, is a hyper-independent, self-reliant person. She feels she must and can do everything herself. She quickly realizes, however, that she needs the help of others around her to get things done. Like Juliette, some of us are control freaks. We try to do everything ourselves, without trusting others or trusting God to help us along the way. Prioritizing the moral will of God over the general and sovereign will of God means letting go of our need to control everything. It’s an act of trust. When we seek first the kingdom of God, emphasizing the moral values of the kingdom over our basic needs and desires, we are trusting that God will be faithful to provide for us and help us in all the other areas of our lives. This is a doorway to peace and rest.