A Culturally Diverse Church

Diversity spans across races, cultures, generations, and statuses. Our church community, individual relationships, and ministry partnerships should include people with different skin colors, backgrounds, and nationalities. It should also include people who are married and not married; with kids and without kids; younger than we are and older than we are. And the diversity in our churches should not be token diversity. Instead, dominant groups in the congregation should give their power away to less dominant groups and humbly be willing to submit to and learn from them, as fellow brothers and sisters of equal worth.

This article by Bryan Loritts is an eye-opening read on what it is like to be a black Christian in the white church.


Source:  http://www.christianitytoday.com/edstetzer/2017/october/response-to-ray-changs-open-letter-to-john-piper.html.