Curtain of Darkness

Light is most wonderful because it allows a sense of confidence when the dark seems to overtake us. Consider the difference you feel when you walk down into a dark basement filled with hidden mysteries only to have them revealed when you pull the string to turn on the light. When the light comes on, you can see all around and assess what is possibly dangerous and what is not. However, darkness can be a curtain of sorts that prevents us from seeing the most important things. Ask any parent who has had to walk through a child’s room in the middle of the night and stepped on a LEGO. Or consider a parent who has repeatedly attempted to wake up a teenager for school. Kindness was the first approach, but eventually the light had to come on and the anger ensued. When Jesus speaks to the Pharisees and lawyers about their blindness, the light could have been a call to repentance and renewal, revealing their true motives. Instead, it was more like those seeing the light were upset that they couldn’t remain sleeping.