Dependence on God

Pastor Erik Raymond wrote a “Declaration of Dependence” for The Gospel Coalition. It reads:
“As a believer I realize that I am depending on Christ for:
his perfect obedience to the Father…for I did not obey
his sinless perfection…for I am sinful
his wrath satisfying death…for I am unable to satisfy eternal wrath
his perfect righteousness before the judgment bar…for I have deficient righteousness
his ability to keep me saved…for I cannot keep myself from wandering away
his sovereign ability to rule this world…for I struggle with organizing my days
his unfading love….for I trip on myself daily
his ultimate motivation for life and ministry…for I have nothing in myself that trumps this
his priceless blood that will never depreciate…for I have no means to pay
It is good therefore to declare dependence upon the Savior; knowing that there is a day coming when those who are gathered together in his kingdom will unite in numbers that will dwarf the fireworks crowds, to declare dependence upon King Jesus, the Lamb who was slain.

When our circumstances are not trying, we can be tempted to rely on ourselves alone, but we must always depend on God.