Embracing Weakness

Embracing Weakness Sermon Illustration

“The ‘Achilles’ heel,’ as it’s called today, has become one of the most popular idioms in Western culture. It refers to a person’s point of weakness leading to their downfall. But that idea comes from Greek mythology, not Christian reality. God’s wisdom gives us another picture. Believers in Jesus don’t have an Achilles’ heel—we are an Achilles’ heel. Here’s what I mean: Greek mythology shows us an invincible warrior with one weakness that when exploited leads to defeat; Christian reality shows us a dependent servant with thorough weakness that when exploited leads to triumph” (Jonathan Parnell, “Embracing Weakness Will Change Your Life,” Desiring God, February 28, 2013, https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/embracing-weakness-will-change- your-life).