Faith in the Giver

clear glass bowl on black marble table

The “Cut the Flour” challenge is a fun challenge made popular by social media.
In this clip, the two players are vying for a $100 bill that’s been placed in the
center. As the flour is cut away, a pedestal forms that becomes more unstable
with each cut ( When our faith
is fixed on the manifestations of “blessings and healings” in our lives, it becomes
focused on the gift rather than the Giver. When the gift doesn’t come, we open
ourselves to fear, doubt, self-condemnation, and potentially the judgment of
others who are also walking in this misconception. This can lead us to question
whether God really cares for us the way the Scriptures say he does, causing us
to miss out on the greater blessing of a deep and abiding relationship with our
heavenly Father.