Falling Short

History is filled with dedicated individuals who devoted their lives to one great passion or cause. The podcast Placemakers highlights the life of one such individual, Jane Jacobs, in their first episode. She was an urban writer and activist who tried to guide the development of cities and helping people consider not only what they wanted to fill cities with but how they would affect the people living there. In her life, she seemed to work with not only developers but locals affected by the changes in infrastructure, even to her detriment or tarnishing her reputation.

We find that even the most dedicated people fall short of the ideals they are driven by. We as Christians need not fear falling short of God’s law because we are empowered by Christ’s righteousness to strive towards dedicated lives of faith that seek to glorify and reflect God to a watching world.


Source: https://www.pps.org/article/jjacobs-2