Fighting Our Giants

“If some form of bondage is in our lives, if some attitude seemingly can’t be shaken, if some character flaw apparently can’t be overcome, if some thought darkens our mind, if some problem has sunk its teeth into our life and we can’t shake it as we move through our day, then take heart, because none of these giants are a match for Jesus. All of these giants can—and will—fall” (Louie Giglio, Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants [Nashville, TN: W Publishing Group, 2017], 19).

We can be encouraged that there is room for us to acknowledge our own weaknesses and to even prepare to persevere and try again when we face our own problems, even while remaining confident in God’s power. Because of Jesus’s victory on the cross, we can remain confident in our faith even in spite of our own weaknesses. Jesus defeated our greatest enemies—sin, death, and the devil—with his sacrificial death and resurrection. The biggest problem we will ever have, separation from God, is nullified in Jesus. The effects of sin that might seem like giants to believers can take on different forms, but Jesus is the solution for each and every one and will bring victory, whether in this life or in the life to come.