First Pick

How many of us have played pickup basketball or a game that required us to be chosen by a team captain? Imagine standing on the sideline while the teams are chosen: “I’ll take him. And him. And him and him.” One by one, people are chosen, and you are the last one picked. Not a great feeling. No one wants to be chosen last. Some of us tend to treat God like that when it comes to our resources. We spend money on shopping, bills, food, and other items—and after all of that we might give God consideration. Just like we don’t want to be last, God doesn’t want to be last in our lives in any area. In fact, he expects us to consider him first. So much so that he introduced to us the concept of “first fruit.” Firstfruits mean offering to God our very best without hesitation or regret. This includes our finances, time, gifts, and whatever he asks from us