Fishing For You

Have you ever been fishing? Patience is a key virtue to good fishermen. It’s hard to be a good fisherman and have “fisherman’s ADD.” You also need to know what kind of bait to use for the fish you’re fishing for. Knowing your water, the time of day, the moon and tide effects, and so many other aspects go into being a good fisherman. One thing is always true when fishing: there must be a hook if you hope to snag a fish. The hook is what attaches to the mouth of the fish and causes its debilitation. There are numerous parallels between fishing and the Christian life. The devil is the most patient fisherman there is. He’s willing to wait. He knows just the right bait to use based upon a person’s given struggles, and he always includes a hook to do the damage. If the devil were go fishing for you, what bait would he use?