For Our Sake

We see in books like the Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis) or The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien) types and shadows of Jesus. For Lewis, it was Aslan, the lion who came back from being so distant to sacrifice himself for the sake of the unworthy. For Tolkien Aragorn, who was the rightful king of men, was brought back into the limelight by the call of others who needed him. These demonstrations of the person of Christ reaffirm that Christ came not for his own sake but for ours. He was not the King of the Jews so that he dominate us. He sought no power here, and his time was short. He took up the role of King of the Jews so that he might rescue us and lead us upward. He came not to be served, but to serve. For this, he is worthy. For this, he is the King of all.