Ghosting is a modern phrase for cutting off all communication with someone without explanation. For example, in an episode of Gilmore Girls, things are going well between teacher Max Medina and Lorelai Gilmore until Max tells Rory, Lorelai’s daughter, to call him by his first name away from school. More than a little freaked out about the effect her relationship could have on her daughter, and rather than talking it through with Max, Lorelai ghosts him (season 1, episode 11, “Paris Is Burning,” directed by David Petrarca, aired January 11, 2001, on WB). Have you ever avoided someone because you knew you’d wronged them? You didn’t want to confront it. You didn’t want to feel guilt or shame … or that awkwardness! So, you ghost them. We can do that in our walk with God too. Guilt sometimes makes us avoid God: he must be mad at us because we have sinned!