God’s Protection from Unseen Dangers

green, red, and white high voltage circuit breaker

We’re all familiar with warning signs. We see them on streets, on buildings, and on the packaging that accompanies so many of our purchases. “Whether a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign is posted on a property, in a building or a street sign, it is always wise to listen to what the sign is telling you. Failure to do so can put you and others in danger and could even pose a death threat. Just remember that the sign is there for a reason. It is to keep you away from danger. Even if the area doesn’t look risky but there is a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign, do just as it says and stay away” (“The Importance of ‘Do Not Enter’ Signs,” October 7, 2019, Dornborn Sign and Safety, https://www.dornbossign.com/sign-blog/the-importance-of-do- not-enter-signs/). This news clip from CBS Sacramento shows the consequences of ignoring a “Road Closed” sign in an area where a recent storm resulted in a sink hole cutting through a two-lane road (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z19HyRoSC3M).

When it comes to the temptations we face, the words of Psalm 91:3–6 “point to God’s protection from the unseen dangers that all of us are prone to: the dangers that those we might consider strong in their faith are as equally prone to succumb to as those whose faith seems to be hanging on by a thread. The varied temptations that exist to derail our faith, take us off course, and compromise our character, integrity, and loyalty to the Lord” (Aaron Armstrong, “3 Ways God Protects His People” [blog], June 20, 2022, https://aaronarmstrong.co/3-waysgod-protects-his-people/).