Golden Faith

The Olympics continue to be an anticipated spectacle of human ability, strength, and courage. More encouraging is watching athletes of Christian faith live it out as the compete. When Olympic athlete Gabby Douglas was interviewed for Christianity Today and asked how her faith shaped her, she replied,

“It has been a lifelong thing. My mom has always exposed me and my siblings to Christianity. I take my Bible with me, sometimes two of them, when I travel. I’ve watched myself at the Olympics, I watched the all-around finals, my grandfather DVR’ed it, and I saw my mouth moving—that was me praying. I always pray at every competition, when the judge’s hand goes up I am praying, and there are little Scriptures I like to quote. That keeps me motivated when I am about to go out on the competition floor. I would say little short prayers, quoting Scriptures: I can do all things through Christ, don’t fear, be courageous. Little things like that get me motivated.”

It’s humbling to hear of people who are in top physical condition and able to compete with others around the world express their dependence and faith in God. Though we may face trials of a different kind, we can be encouraged by their example and know that the Lord is faithful and that we can trust him in all things.