Growing Spiritually Through Easy And Tough Times

Our spiritual life endures different seasons. Some feel like hard work, and some seem simple and sweet. Those hard, uncomfortable times often bring the greatest reward in our spiritual maturity. Downhill skiing can be a fairly gentle, relaxing hobby, depending on the runs you choose and the facility you frequent. Some resorts boast heated gondola rides to the top of the mountain for your comfort. Sounds like a good time! Skinning is a different experience, and one favored by ski enthusiasts who love not only the skiing but also the challenge, exercise, and locales it allows. Skinning requires a special synthetic skin that attaches to the bottom of your skis allowing you to ski uphill. When you reach your destination, lungs burning, and are ready to hit the powder, you have earned your turns! The payoff is often incredible: fresh snow, few people, and a mountaintop experience. There are times when we need to ride the faith gondola; not every moment of our spiritual life is meant to be hard. But there are other times when God tells us to set our fears, inadequacies, or comfort aside and put on our skins, because he has something special for us. It might not be comfortable, but it is always worth it.