Growing the Brand


Life hacks. Influencers. Hustle. Grind. Make a name for yourself. The list could go on for how our society glorifies success, performance, and the constant striving to grow a brand. Picture the scene we see in Matthew 14. Jesus is teaching thousands of people in a rural area, and people are hungry. If Jesus were a modern-day influencer, would he utilize his resources by telling people to “like and subscribe” and sign up for his new online course for the life hack to prosperity? Would he teach them the champion mentality for manifesting their wellness? Jesus did none of those things. Even when his disciples told Jesus to let the people figure it out and take care of themselves, Jesus gave food to those in need. He used his resources to give, not sell, hustle, or hoard. As Christians, how should we view our resources, giving, and charity toward others as different?