‘Hangry’ For Righteousness

Have you ever been so hungry you started snapping at people? There is a real-life behavior called “being hangry”—so hungry you begin to get angry. “When we are hungry, our brains are essentially starved of glucose, meaning that our ability to control our emotions is reduced, as is our ability to concentrate” (Ella Carter and Philip Watts, “The Science of Hunger and What Makes Us ‘Hangry,’” Independent, January 22, 2016)

Jesus wants believers to be hungry. And thirsty. But not for food—for the righteousness of God. When you are hungry you go to the refrigerator or through a drive-through with anticipation of finding food. God wants you to go to church, read your Bible, and most importantly, pray with an anticipation that he will give you what you need.


Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/the-science-of-hunger-and-what-makes-us-hangry-a6828111.html