He Heals All Wounds

At some point, each of us finds ourselves in need of healing. For some, it may be a “common injury” such as a cut finger or a sprained ankle. Though painful and inconvenient at the time, it’s not necessarily life-altering. For others it may be a disease that, if left unchecked, could result in death. When our aches and pains seem small and simple, we’re more likely to ignore them and choose not to bother God with our trouble. When confronted with a major health concern, however, it’s understandable that we turn to God with questions, confusion, hurt, and a desperate plea for help. Yet, the Lord delights in bringing about healing in our lives for things both small and large, physical and spiritual, individual and corporate. He makes this known to us through his name Yahweh Ropheka, or Yahweh Rapha