He Knows Our Frame

He Knows Our Frame Sermon Illustration

We all need to be reminded of our utter dependence upon God for all things. At times, we suffer because we won’t admit our need of him, relying instead on our own strength. God is patient with us, just as every parent is patient with their child who doesn’t know they aren’t strong enough or desperately wants to believe they are sufficient even when it’s obvious they aren’t. Erik Raymond speaks to this idea when he reads in Psalm 103:13–14 that God knows our frame and remembers we are dust: “I tend to have a much higher, a more inflated opinion of myself than reality. I think I deserve to be treated better, think I’ve acted better, and believe that I will do better. I’m the 4 year-old kid who thinks he can pick up the 50 lb. air conditioner out of the trunk of the car. But God is under no such illusion. He knows my frame. He knows how I was formed. He remembers that I am but dust. He knows this because he is my Creator! He has infinite knowledge of me and my weaknesses” (Erik Raymond, “He Knows Our Frame,” The Gospel Coalition, June 12, 2015, https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/erik-raymond/he-knows-our-frame/).