He Loves Us All

Have you ever had a family member that you really didn’t like? You dread seeing them at Thanksgiving and Christmas or any family gathering, really. You try to get in a quick hello and avoid them the rest of the event if you can manage it. But most of the time we’d say that we still love them because they are family. Maybe you have that kind of relationship with a sibling. Any day of the week they could do something that would make you want to pull out their hair; but if anyone else were to go after them, you’d come to their defense with no hesitation. In such cases, many times we will find ourselves acting out of love before we let the differences between us rise up in our minds. God has this unbeatable love for everyone we know. Even if we find them difficult or frustrating, God has a love for them that would always be there for them. And, hard as it may be, he calls for us to love them too.