Heresy Healers

heresy sermon illustration

In this article, a pastor explains how he had to learn the hard way to be a “heresy healer” instead of a “heresy hunter.” He uses the following illustration: “Imagine a sharp, young doctor walking into a refugee camp. He sees an old man, halfnaked, shivering and struggling to keep warm under a threadbare blanket. The doctor looks closer at the blanket and sees that it is filthy, smeared with feces and probably disease-ridden. In horror the doctor rips the blanket off of the old man and says, ‘Don’t you know that blanket will make you sick?’ Then he walks off, saying, ‘My job is done here.’ But had he done anything for the old man? Can we blame the old man for picking up the blanket as soon as the doctor walks away?” (Josh Kelley, “Heresy Hunter or Heresy Healer?,” CT Pastors, February 2015,