When God Seems Silent

Apologetics Sermon Illustration

When it feels like God is absent, we’re tempted to believe that he really is.  “Atheists will tell us that the reason God seems silent is because he’s absent. ‘No one’s home at that address. Duh.’ In the silent suffering seasons we can be tempted to believe it. Until we step back and take a look and see that existence itself is not silent. It screams God (Romans 1:20). … Believing atheism is like moderns believing in a flat earth. ‘From where I stand, it doesn’t look like God is there.’ Right. And if you only trust in your perceptions, the world looks flat. The only reason you know the world is round is because of authoritative scientific revelation and many corroborating testimonies” (Jon Bloom, “When God Seems Silent,” Desiring God, July 18, 2014, https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/when-god-seems-silent).