Identity Theft

Identity Theft Sermon Illustration

Here’s a story about a man so confident that he wouldn’t get his identity stolen that he shared his Social Security number with whomever wanted it: “LifeLock CEO Todd Davis was so confident in his company’s ability to stop stolen identity cases that he began an advertising campaign that included sharing his social security number. … The marketing ploy ultimately backfired when several reports showed his social security number being compromised and used for taking out loans and opening new accounts.” He found out he had several thousand dollars of debt in his name because his identity had been stolen when collection agencies started calling. Not only was his identity stolen and credit ruined, but he essentially gave away his identity (Leo Chen, “3 Stolen Identity Horror Stories,” Consumer Reports, May 20, 2014, While we may not have our credit cards stolen, it’s easy for our identities to get mixed up with the wrong things—either we’re overconfident like Davis, or full of shame. Jesus provides a better way.